Florence Welch takes beauty tips from her grandfather.

The Florence + the Machine singer says her granddad has always been very ''stylish'' and she is always happy to try any products he recommends.

She said: ''My beauty guru is my grandfather. He's a very stylish gentleman and always drilled into me that Kiehl's was the best. I swear by their Ultra Facial Cleanser.''

Florence is known for her elaborate stage outfits and she says she chooses her garments depending on how well they can ''perform'' on their own, though she is also influenced by the places she is playing in.

She explained: ''I like opulence and drama and want an outfit that does a performance of its own.

''Light fabrics are great outdoors because they throw themselves around with the wind.

''The stage is such a free place, you can jump on wearing a lime-green catsuit, leather shorts - anything. It's a good space to experiment in.

''I dress for the occasion. If I'm doing a gig in Denver, I might wear a vintage lace dress with a leather belt bought from a cowboy store. When you're on tour, you turn into a magpie, adding bits to your outfit every day.''