Florence and the Machine has been enjoying spending time with Canadian recording artists Drake over the past year, but unfortunately for their fans this hasn't yet translated to any fruition behind the studio glass, despite them both having upcoming albums out within a few weeks of each other.

Florence Welch - creative entity of 'The MAChine - and Young Money-signed Drake met at the VMA AWARDS last year and the pair have been mutually appreciative of each other's work ever since, culminating in the latter's cohort WEEKND remixing Florence track 'SHAKE IT OUT' last month. Talking to MTV though, the 25 year-old English artist said, "We haven't actually done any recording together. Whenever I see Drake, we always just end up kind of hanging out, which is equally fun, but no, we haven't done anything together yet."

Welch however did hint at the possibility that something might yet happen; she has appeared on stage with the 'Fireworks' singer since the VMAs after all, joining him at a show in London right at the beginning of the year. "I think we're both big fans of each other's work," Welch said. "If we would have the time it is something I would definitely like to do, but we're both really busy."

Florence And The Machine's second album 'Ceremonials' comes out on October 31st, with Drake also releasing a sophomore album two weeks later on November 15th with 'Take Care.'