Clearwater-raised singer Juliet Simms was the hot favorite to win the second season of 'The Voice' this week, but the title eventually went to outsider Jermaine Paul. As well as battling three other contestants, Simms was also fighting asthma, bronchitis and a fever that reached up to 103 degrees before the final, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Simms' illness prevented her from rehearsing any of the songs that she performed on Monday, subsequently giving the edge to her rivals. The singer eventually battled to second place, behind Jermaine, but refuses to blame her illness for losing the competition that she appeared to have at her fingertips, saying, "I didn't come that far to let (illness) get the best of me.I feel like, sick as I was, I overcame it". Having convinced herself she was unlikely to win the show, Simms spoke of her relief at letting loose during a performance with Flo Rida on Tuesday (once the votes were already in), saying, "It was the first time I got to go into the show's performance purely for fun". Despite learning her trade in the band Automatic Loveletter, Juliet is likely to continue working towards a successful solo career and is remaining in Los Angeles to take advantage of the publicity while the buzz from the show is still hot, she added, "Second place feels like first.I'm just happy to represent Florida and ready to use this opportunity to any advantage I can".

Though Simms will no doubt have to work for her success, The Voice winner Jermaine Paul has already been handed a recording contract with Universal, as well as a $100,000 cash prize.