Review of Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties Album by Flipron

Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties
Tiny Dog

Flipron Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties Album

A record that's far too hard to categorise - it would be like trying to stuff an octopus into a pigeonhole - it is barely easier to say what Fancy Blues sounds like. If you imagine Muse or Jeff Buckley in his smokiest musings had been invited to spend time in rehearsals for Phantom of the Opera with Tom Waits' house band, you'd still barely capture the diversity of the music on offer here. The Glastonbury-centred band reflect the whole of a typical Glasto weekend at some point in this album, with rock, polka, folk, pop, blues and the odd sea shanty, Flipron is a little less theatrical than a band like Pilotdrift. What works however, is that the tongue-in-cheek oddness merely adds texture and interest to some rather excellent music. A band with a character that isn't simply the result of a marketing meeting is truly refreshing.

Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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