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The Things They Say 11425

26th February 2009

"There were a lot of 4am talks in hotel rooms with KEITH (FLINT), working through certain issues we had. After that it was sorted , never spoken of again." THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT on...

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Prodigy Snub Successful Single

13th August 2004

THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT is deeply ashamed of the band's last single, which he dismisses as "a f**king load of sh*t". The group released BABY'S GOT A TEMPER in 2002 as a stop-gap...

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Flint's Firestarter Fury

10th June 2003

THE PRODIGY singer KEITH FLINT resents the success of hit song FIRESTARTER - because it turned him into a bona fide celebrity. Keith says that, as a result of the 1997 hit, people constantly...

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Flint: England's Music Scene Rules

10th June 2003

THE PRODIGY frontman KEITH FLINT has identified England as the cultural centre for all that has ever been cool in music. And the FIRESTARTER singer says that his new side-project rock band, FLINT, have...

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Limp Bizkit Postpone Album - Again

9th May 2003

Heavy rock outfit LIMP BIZKIT's long-awaited new album has been retitled and rescheduled yet again - this time to September (03). Frontman FRED DURST made an announcement on the band's official website assuring...

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