Next year’s Fleetwood Mac tour is NOT a farewell tour, insists singer Stevie Nicks. The band may not have released any new material in a decade (since last album Say You Will) but they are heading out on the road in April 2013, with a 34-city tour around the US and Canada. The tour winds up in Detroit on June 12 and the eagle-eyed amongst you may already have noted that that is just a few weeks before the UK’s infamous Glastonbury Festival. There’s a very real chance that Fleetwood Mac could be announced as one of the bands to play Glastonbury 2013.

“It's never going to be a final tour until we drop dead. There's no reason for this to end as long as everyone is in good shape and takes care of themselves,” Stevie Nicks told Reuters. The tour will coincide with the 35th anniversary of their classic album Rumours. It was the album that landed the band with four hit singles and global sales of over 40 million, though its creation was marred by emotional tensions within the band.

Nicks insists that there is still plenty of life in Fleetwood Mac and revealed that she and Lindsay Buckingham had been writing new material again recently. “I don't want a Fleetwood Mac tour every year or year and a half. That's why people get so excited. ... All of a sudden the world is on edge and that's what gets you out there... If you never stop, you don't lose your energy.” 

Watch Fleetwood Mac performing 'Dreams'