Music producer Ken Caillat felt compelled to write a book about making Fleetwood Mac's epic Rumours after suffering nightmares about his recording sessions with the "pushy and cantankerous" band.
Caillat chronicles the creation of the 1977 classic album in his book Making Rumours, and admits putting pen to paper was a therapeutic experience following years of sleepless nights.
He tells Reuters, "I couldn't listen to the album. I heard it as all work. I knew that I spent 14 hours a day on it. Up until a few years ago, I still had dreams, rather nightmares, about being in that studio.
"I thought it would help to write the book. I decided to in 2009. First, I did extensive research and got access to Warner Bros. Records' vaults of the recording sessions. Then I started writing. I got up at 7am and wrote it by the fireplace every day for about 90 days."
Caillat now produces his pop star daughter Colbie's music, and insists collaborating with family has proved to be much easier than working with drunk rock stars.
He adds, "Fleetwood Mac was always pushy, cantankerous, opinionated and inebriated. Fast forward 30 years, and the whole situation is clean. Nobody smokes in the studio night or day. With Colbie, we just focus on the music. You can do things faster and cheaper now. We had 365 days to make Rumours. When I talked with (former Fleetwood Mac singer) Stevie Nicks recently, she was about to make a record and told me she had only 13 days to record."