Fleetwood Mac are one of the best loved bands the world over, with their 1978 album Rumours still managing to find its way on the iPods of 15 year olds and 50 year olds alike. They have just released details of a 2013 tour which will visit 34 cities. 

"In my opinion," Stevie Nicks, vocalist from the band, says to the Huffington Post, "Fleetwood Mac should be off the road for three years because then when we come together it's an event because you didn't just see us last year or just see us the year before." Stevie was the one to hold the band back last year when they wanted to tour again, as she wanted to focus on her solo album 'In Your Dreams' for another year, and given the buzz surrounding next year's tour, it was the right decision to make. 

The band have seen their fair of success and drama during their 40 year success story, including a wide ranging line up as well as bankruptcy scares, rehab and, on a high note, the 1993 decision by Bill Clinton to use their song 'Don't Stop' as his election song. Stevie Nicks clearly has a great amount of love and respect for the band that made her famous, largely because she likes the best of both worlds. In her interview with Huffington Post, she preached advice to current solo stars to get themselves a rock band- notably, Rihanna. "She could front a really great rock-n-roll band and she should." She said, "she would probably be happier had she actually done something like that because then she could have had Rihanna with a great band. And then she could have been a rock star and she could have gone to her solo Rihanna and been a pop star. She could have done both like I do." 

As well as the 34 city tour in North America, Fleetwood Mac also have plans to perform at European Festivals next summer. Tickets to the N. American tour go on sale on December 14th.