Rap icon Flavor Flav's fiancee has blasted the Public Enemy star's so-called friends for their racial attacks on her man at a recent televised 'roast'. The colourful hip-hop star was 'dishonoured' by comedians and pals at a recent Comedy Central Roast in America, and his girlfriend Deelishis couldn't see the funny side to the taunts. During the show, Flav - real name William Drayton - was called "Beef Jerky in a tracksuit," while the word 'n**ger' was used 11 times. Deelishis says, "I don't think that it's funny... to depict someone's race and skin tone as a joke." Flav's fiancee also took offence to jokes make by roasters like Lisa Lampanelli, Jeffrey Ross, Ice-T and her man's ex-girlfriend Brigitte Nielsen about the rapper's drug problems and parenting skills. But Comedy Central network chiefs and roast organisers insist Flav was well aware of the type of humour he'd be subjected too as a roastee and he agreed to play long with the night of unsavoury fun.