Review of Locarno Single by Flashguns

Review of Flashguns' single 'Locarno' released through Blue Flowers Records.

Flashguns Locarno Single

London-via-Brighton combo Flashguns are one of those outfits that prefer to keep things simple. While several aspiring teenage musicians spend their formative years in bands trying to create the next 'Fear Satan', 'Loveless' or 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' - usually to little avail - their primary concern is strictly around constructing tunes that resonate with everyone regardless of musical genre or fashion.

On 'Locarno', their second single, the production talents of one Stephen Street - most revered for his work with The Smiths - come to the fore quite appropriately, vocalist Samuel Felix Johnston's earthy tones not too dissimilar from The Maccabees Orlando Weeks in terms of pronunciation and delivery.

What makes Flashguns even more of an exciting proposition is that they're still at school about to sit their A-Levels whilst conjuring up such delightful little ditties as this. One can only hope that once those dreaded exams are out of the way, the extra time on their hands will reap even more pleasurable dividends in the future.


Dom Gourlay

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