Review of Head Games Single by Five O'Clock Heroes

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Five o’clock heroes - Head Games - Review

Five o’clock heroes - Head Games - Review
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Head Games

This song is quite pop/rock with great vocals like Mick Jagger mixed with hints of Justin from the Darkness, funnily enough! I can just imagine this singer strutting his stuff on stage and pouting a lot – don’t ask me why!

The track will officially be released on 27th June on Glaze Recordings.

The song goes straight into the vocals and has wicked in sync drum beats with every guitar beat!

The band is made up of two part American and British members. They have recently supported The Bravery and have done duo shows with The Ordinary Boys. They have also just finished their own UK tour!

The song is quite mellow in some sort of way however it is very simple with the beats kept to a certain flow. I especially love how the track mixes with pop and a sort of indie and rock. The singing is a little funny because as soon as I hear it I immediately think of Micky! The track is definitely sassy in my eyes! It has a great melody and a pumping baseline as well as wicked guitars.

I think the guys seem to be influenced by the bands from the likes of the 80s – they have the soul of the New York rock scene, and the British-ness of bands like The Cure and The Jam!

Having just finished their tour, the guys won’t be doing another as of yet!

Look out for the guys on TV though, they’re sure to have some appearances coming up!

Candice Finney.