Fiona Phillips, the 51-year-old television presenter, says she often feels "bound" to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease because both of her parents were hit by the illness in their 60's. The former Itv star admitted she feels destined to eventually succumb to dementia, reports the UK's Daily Mirror.
The presenter says she took a genetic test to discover whether she had the early stages of the disease several years ago, but cannot bring herself to look at the results. However, it appears that Phillips has already convinced herself, saying, "I have that feeling now all the time that I am bound to get it.I worry. I keep thinking that I might only have five years left. When people say they might be around until their 80s, I just don't think that", before adding, "I suppose I feel like someone with a terminal disease who realises they don't have long left. That's awful because I don't want to live like that. But it is making me think I'd better make the most of life so that's positive, I suppose". As for why she is yet to look at the results of the test, Fiona suggested there would be "no point" until somebody finds a cure for the disease, saying, "There would be nothing I could do to stop it. And by the time you know it is happening, it is too late.I think early onset dementia is like breast cancer, you are more predisposed to getting it if a parent has had it".