It might look like an out-of-control episode of the popular reality TV show Shipwrecked, but actually, what you see here is the video for Fine Times’ latest track ‘Hey Judas.’ Set on a beach, with the cast trussed up in intricate tribal gear, what starts out looking like a chilled out beach party (with, er, some questionable fancy dress choices) soon turns into a more sinister get-together.

Watch the video for Fine Times' 'Hey Judas'


The two members of Fine Times (Matthew Moldowan and Jeffrey Josiah Powell) look somewhat out of place at this primal gathering. Slowly, girls adorn them with tribal face paint, a passionate kiss turns into a bloody embrace and a man is sacrificed at a make-shift altar as the party descends into violent chaos. Guess that’s what happens when you’re stranded on a desert island with nothing but a fancy dress trunk, a film crew and an indie-pop soundtrack to keep you occupied.

Fine Times originally released Hey Judas in August 2012, with an album, Fine Times, following on Light Organ Records the following month. For the album, they worked with Howard Redekopp, an underground legend, known for his work with The New Pornographers, Tegan & Sara and Mother Mother.