Tweeked Review

For the uninitiated, "tweekers" are speed freaks, methamphetamine users who go nuts when they're dosing. Here we have a little film about two tweekers, Carrie (Darling Narita) and Michelle (Ali Raymer), best friends who dumpster dive for used clothes they can sell at the local thrift shop -- and then use the cash for drugs.

After a semi-accidental shooting, the girls hit the road, afraid that a vengeful dealer is after them. What follows -- and as drivers, they just aren't very good, as Carrie and Michelle never seem to get out of Los Angeles -- is a kind of random, drugged-out tour through southern L.A., from the beaches to the barrio and back to the beaches. Michelle hallucinates to the point of psychosis, and Carrie becomes justifiably sick of her.

Narita and Raymer (in her only film appearance to date) manage to carry the movie beyond the low expectations offered by its low-grade, nonexistant plot. Their sparring comes off as genuine, and the subtle moments of humor found in the film are enough to make you forget about the random junk that happens along the way. Shot on video, the film isn't much to look at, but writer/director Beth Dewey pulls it off more often than not.

Facts and Figures

Run time: 86 mins

In Theaters: Thursday 8th March 2001

Reviews 3 / 5

IMDB: 5.4 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: E. Shepherd Stevenson