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Clearly,you do not understand human emotions. Intelligent audience,do not need actions, to give interpretation to what is obvious. I'm so glad you belong to the few who finds this film worth trashing than complimenting. You are a very stereotypical critic. You go against what's popular. Your review speaks of mediocricity. Kristen was so right to attack this movie in her own way, NOT TO GET ON ACTING THE CHARACTER, but channel her feeling through the woman she was playing who was described in the book as simple,intelligent,loving and sensitive woman. She just made it look easy because KRISTEN STEWART is all that woman! SO QUIT YOUR ELEMENTARY CRUSADE AND STOP BASHING THE MOVIE AND THE ACTRESS, JUST CRITIC OTHER FILMS, THERE'S SO MANY OUT THERE. WE HAVE SO MUCH WASTAGE, DONT BE ONE OF THEM.

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by gargamel

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