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I agree. I thought SMG did a good job carrying the film almost single-handed and I wasn't disappointed by the ending. Sounds like the reviewer is a little weary of his trips to the cinema. I tend to pick and choose very carefully what I see and, as a result, cherish my visits to the big screen and am rarely disappointed. Gellar is a very underrated actress in my view and watching this film has encouraged me to seek out some of her other film appearances.

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by slipper d

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No offense but this was a horrible review. You also spelled Gellar wrong for most of it. She played a great character. Granted she did not have a lot of dialogue but she does not need it, she is able to carry scenes just with her actions. It was a bit slow at points but it was beatufilly filmed so that made up for the speed of it. I wish it wasn't marketed so much as a horror movie, it was definitely more a suspense mystery. I suggest watching it a second that you know what happens in the end you will see things in a brand new exciting light.

Posted 8 years 3 months ago by rmkowals

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