The Essex Boys


The Essex Boys Review

I like a Reservoir Dogs homage as much as the next guy, but my rip-offs need to be comprehensible -- if not in English, then at least with a few subtitles.

The Essex Boys is a thriller in the style of Payback, wherein we are encouraged to root for the bad guy -- or at least feel a little pathos for the bad guy's driver, poor Billy (Charlie Creed-Miles). When Jason (Sean Bean) gets out of jail after doing time for his mates, he decides to get a little revenge on those who figured he could run things without him. What follows is a rather wandering ride through the streets of Essex (yes, that's a city in the U.K.), with plenty of nudity courtesy of E.R. starlet Alex Kingston to break up the monotony of gun- and fistfights. It's interesting enough to watch even if you can't make sense of it.

Haven't had enough? Check out the film's website and play the Essex Boys Flash game, where you too can learn to be rowdy!

Um, not a boy.

The Essex Boys

Facts and Figures

Run time: 87 mins

In Theaters: Saturday 1st March 2014

Production compaines: Granada Film Productions

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 3.7 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: as Jason Locke, as John Dyke, as Lisa Locke, as Perry Elley, as Billy Reynolds, as Chippy, as Nicole, as Peter Chase, Michael McKell as Wayne Lovell, as Suzy Welch, as Henry Hobbs, George Jackos as Kiri Christos, Sally Hurst as Beverley, Louise Landon as Jemma, Gary Love as Detective, Michael Andrew as Boy #3 (uncredited), Philip Howard as Andrew - Blondes Nightclub in Southend (uncredited)

Also starring: ,