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I think that Snow Cake is the best film i have seen in a long time. It gives a true account of what it is like being a grown up and yet managing to overcome and survive against all odds With High Functioning Autism.Alan Rickman is brilliant as Alex Hughes,and it is deffinately one of his greatest performances to date.Sigourney Weaver who plays Linda also is brilliantly cast as Linda Freeman. Emily Hampshire though only in the movie for a short while is beautifully cast as Vivian Lindas daughter who was Tragically killed by the logging truck at the beginning of the movie,she began to bring Alex out of his sombre mood.This scene was so tragic and sad.We begin to see that alex is a person with integrity and sensivity,yet Alex himself is also going through his own personal grief of the loss of a son he has neaver seen.He goes to visit Linda because although he was not responsible for the accident,he wants to explain to her exactly what had happened.He does not realise at first that Linda is Autistic.One scene i must mention is when he takes Vivians dog to the vet,it shows he cares not only about people but animals as well.In his short stay at Lindas house i think he manages to start to overcome his inner demons.He arranges Vivians funeral with sensivity and great feeling.We see him at the end of the film driving away to Winnipeg to visit his dead sons mother.The music is urlifting,but at the same time elements of great sadness.It leaves the Viewers hoping he finally will find Happiness.A must Movie

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by LargeTony

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