Simply Irresistable


Simply Irresistable Review

Picture Like Water for Chocolate set in New York City's dining frenzy--only really boring and stupid.

Sheesh, here we have one of those You've Got Mail-style romances, with dueling heroes (here, Gellar is the little bistro chef, doing battle with Flanery's shopping center epicurian palace). Gellar's little shop is headed south, so it's Flanery to the rescue, right? Well, the secret that makes movies like The Shop Around the Corner work is that the heroes hate each other at first, then grow to love one another. Here, it's love at first sight, courtesy of a magic crab.

Yeah, really.

And that magic crab is responsible for all the hokum in this picture, as Gellar's emotions are mixed in with her culinary delights. People levitate or cry, and fog spews from the desert, perfect for the dance floor.

Need I say everyone lives happily ever after?

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Producer: , Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr.,