Road Dogz


Road Dogz Review

After what feels like 100 knock-offs, Boyz N the Hood continues to spawn imitation after imitation, this time with a mediocre-but-not-horrible urban drama about three friends trying to find their way in, well, the hood.

One is a two-bit drug dealer and stoner content with his life (until he's mugged of $1,500 owed to his provider). Another is an ambitious guy who'll do anything for a buck (and pretty soon has to when his hot girlfriend gets pregnant). A third is, well, I just finished watching the movie and I've forgotten what he was supposed to be.

Replete with drugs, guns, ho's, and a Z in its title, Road Dogz fails to distinguish itself as anything more than a second-rate, urban "message" movie, and it's unclear if it even aims to be anything more than this to start with. I presume there's an audience out there that will identify with this movie... but to be honest, it doesn't seem like the "Friday night at Blockbuster" type to me.

Road Dogz

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Distributed by: Artisan Entertainment

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 5.2 / 10

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Starring: Clifton Collins, Jr. as Raymo Serrano, as Alfonso Carrasco, as Danny Pacheco, as Gramps, Priscilla Garita as Lucy, as Torneo, as Big Joe, Rudy Ramos as Canto, Jenny Gago as Ana Carrasco