Ringmaster Review

Every now and then, there comes a movie that is so awful, it's actually painful to watch. Movies like Nothing But Trouble, Contact, Sphere, and now Ringmaster are some of these films. This select group of crap makes you wonder how anybody read it and said "Wow! This is a good one, I think it will make money!" How can we avoid these movies? Sometimes, we can't.

Ringmaster is basically a behind the scenes look at The Jerry Springer Show. It follows two trailer trash families who come to Los Angeles to be on the fictional Jerry Show. I think this movie is a comedy but I didn't crack a smile once. Is watching two sluts sleep with any man who wants to supposed to be funny? The only entertaining point of the movie was at the end for about a minute. I won't give it away but it involves a religious person in the audience who has an argument with Jerry. As for acting, Jerry isn't that bad. He's convincing in his role but you have to realize that he's playing himself. I have to admit that occasionally I turn on Jerry's actual show and I enjoy it. But I don't even think fans of the show will like it.

There have been great movies this year like The Big Lebowski, The Siege, and Pleasantville. But as always, with every crop of good movies, there are the stinkers like City of Angels and Ringmaster. This probably the worst movie of the year and I beg you not to see it. If you want to pay money to see a movie, at least see one of the ones I listed above. Terrible movie.


Facts and Figures

Run time: 90 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 25th November 1998

Box Office Worldwide: $9.2M

Budget: $3.5M

Distributed by: Artisan Entertainment

Production compaines: Artisan Entertainment


Contactmusic.com: 1.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 25%
Fresh: 6 Rotten: 18

IMDB: 3.1 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Jerry Farrelly, as Angel Zorzak, as Connie Zorzak, as Troy Davenport, as Rusty, as Starletta, as Demond, Ashley Holbrook as Willie, Tangie Ambrose as Vonda Simmons, as Leshawnette