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Oh ain't this email, etc. s**t just too much to leave a simple comment; Well f**k me runnin'. Just wanted to say, crissyj says what I wanted to say.Please, Email? screw you and your god -damned spam that will follow this!

Posted 7 years 6 months ago by fucmerunnin

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omg!!!!! that movie is the best becoz my sxy johnny depp is in it!!!!! he is sooooooooo fit!!!!!! i love him soooooooo much!!!! my favourite bit was when jack sparrow was halucinatin aand there was loads of him, it was like my dream come true!!! everothin was jack sparrow, jack sparrow, jack sparrow!!! lol!!! love you johnny depp!!!!!

Posted 8 years 5 days ago by leena sirpal

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Posted 8 years 8 months ago by Khely

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That is the BEST movie ever!!!!☺ it was awsome!! i dont know wat to say it was so awsome. uhhhh.. johnny depp fits the role perfectly. i think if the didnt choose him the movie would have stunk. same with orlando. (but i like johnny better)i have the sound track of the movie now. and a little jack sparrow doll to show how much i love it!♥ and if johnny depp is reading this your awsome johnny!!! i want to meet you so badly!!!☺ ok thats all that movie rrrrrooooccckkksss!!!!!!!

Posted 8 years 9 months ago by Lil_Miss_Pirate

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This is the the greatest film ever!!!! (bar curse of the black pearl of course!) More of Captain Jack, undoubtedly the best film charecter to grace our screens ever, and his crazy adventures not to mention more gorgous Will and beautifl Elizabeth what more could you want from a summer film realy? Oh yeah the 3 man sword fight is stuff of ledgend and the effects rock too!!! A must see for everyone. ***** 10/10 A*Cant wait for part 3.Now, bring me that horizon...

Posted 8 years 10 months ago by orli_the_owl

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