Malibu Spring Break


Malibu Spring Break Review

It's barely a movie, but thank God Malibu Spring Break is aware of that fact and makes little pretense of being much more.

Never mind the story (it's spring break, co-eds descend on an uncle's house, plan a party, tease each other, and have some kind of bet), there's little more to this than the opportunity to see a bevy of busty beauties haltingly deliver their lines while they're frolicking in hot tubs, showers, the ocean, and wet t-shirt contests in and out of their tops and frequently in slow motion.

Hopefully that's all it will take to keep you amused -- if you're looking for these Playboy alumni to dazzle you with their erudition and witty line readings, you've come to the wrong place. Although Charity Rahmer, as the lead girl in all of this, seems to have some acting ability to match her physical assets.

Bottom line: Watching Malibu Spring Break is probably as big a waste of time as reading this review, but it's far more titillating.

Malibu Spring Break

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