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well i also watched all the highlander movies including the end game and thought your review was witty but off the truth, im unsure as too why someone who advises us not to spend $8 on the movie sat through and watched so much highlander in the first placeil admit none of the sequels can touch the original as there can be only one but this is true of any great movie! it may not have the budget of some of the blockbusters of today but it still produced a good movie that any highlander fan will enjoy like myself.i was sad to see that connor did not have a more of a part to play in the old sword fighting scenes but i guess age catches up with even immortals lol. i wish they had of came up with some more original fighting scenes as duncan cannot be taken seriosuly especially when they resort to almost laural and hardy slap stick fighting.highlander is not a movie its a way of life, come on lambert u have one more movie in you, if ramirez can return then so can you !

Posted 9 years 3 days ago by minty

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