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i really fainted when i heared that EMMA WATTSON wwill not be doing the final harry potter series . I know that she has become bored with her charecter bur she cannot quit halfway . i When i saw her performance in the first HP movie i was spellbound . But she is the one to decide weather to act or not . I will be feeling sorry if she refuses . But i will be happy for her even if she quits After all she also has to live her life your fan roshan

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by MIKROIS

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hii m a great fan of harrypotter and daniel radcliffe . i have watched every harrypotter movie dozen a times . and i fell in love with daniel after watching goblet of fire . he was fantastic in the movie an no other actor can play this role better than daniel. I just adore you daniel

Posted 8 years 6 months ago by divya mehta

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it was a great movie... i am excited to watch the movie of halfblood prince and what happen after dumbledore's death... please make it quick to publish the 7th book..

Posted 8 years 6 months ago by chordia

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hey i think dat emma watson is doin a gr8 job. she is amazing n beautiful n rupert grint is mind blowing. well wat cn i say they just rockssss

Posted 8 years 10 months ago by kritika

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Posted 9 years 1 week ago by harry the great

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hi to all fans,i am a very big harry potter fan and i just loved goblet of fire!it is sooooo awesome especially all the action.the part i loved most was the underwater scene and how it was made.i'd like to say that i want to make my point on a certain thing i didn't like,which someone else has already mentioned.it was that Dumbldore, as Kira031082 said, is supposed to be a calm and collected wizard not a 'losing his temper when harrys name comes out of the goblet' wizard.that thing i think is quite a mistake that should not have been made.other than that it was a 5 star quality even if others don't think so.i'm really looking forward to the order of the phoenix and i'm sure you are too.thats all really! xxx

Posted 9 years 1 month ago by hatty01

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As a huge Harry Potter, as well as Daniel Radcliffe fan, I was so excited for Goblet of Fire to come out. I am very glad to say I was NOT disappointed! Everyone involved in this movie put it all out there and didn't hold back. It was scene to scene an awesome adaptation of an incredible book. Mike Newell knew what he was doing when he decided to focus on the 'thriller' aspect of the story and let the rest go. I have to roll my eyes at comments people harp on about what wasn't included in the film. Geez Louise, it was a huge book! The movies were never meant to be a page by page, word for single word recreation. That's why they call it an adaptation folks! The CGI's were fantastic, and the acting was definitely kicked up a notch. All the time, money and training that went into this were clearly worth what we got for our ticket price. Specifically, what I loved, the humor! Filch running up (and down) the great hall, the twins, Mad-eye Moody, Rita Skeeter, Malfoy, aka 'twitchy little ferret', the study hall scene. Loved the angst, Ron being pissed, Harry getting pissed back, Ron and Hermione pissed at each other. The teen thing-romance of course. Harry falling for and being let down by Cho! Victor Krum and Hermione (very nice)The action- I was floored at the first task when H jumps on the firebolt and takes off. The visual from the book just didn't hold a candle to this! The roof scene rocked too. Underwater scenes-amazing. The darkness. Well, we who read the book knew it was coming, but seeing in the flesh (literally) was realistically freaky. The graveyard scene was brilliant. Ralph and Daniel were in a place all their own (as was meant I'm sure), in a word, it was brilliant. What I didn't particularly love. Actually, only one thing really bugged me. In the graveyard scene where Wormtail is resurrecting V. This is nit-picky, but the spell (from the book) is 'bone of the father, unknowingly given, not 'unwillingly' given. (the man is dead, he's clueless about giving up the bone!)I know I said it's not a word for word, etc., but bringing back he who must not be named after all this time is the moment we've all been waiting for. I just needed that one bit to be right. Nit-picky I know. Overall, I loved Goblet of Fire, and am now on the roller coaster of anticipation for Order of the Phoenix.

Posted 9 years 1 month ago by StageRaven

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HI! I`m from Argentina and I`m a huge fan of Harry Potter. I must say that the books are great!! and the movies too!! I really hope Ron and Hermione get together at last...Well that`s all.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Eliana

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ok dont get me wrong i thought it was the best Harry Potter so far. The movie was absolutley great but, I did have one issue... Dumbledore I'm sorry but Dumbledore has always been calm and cool about everything he never gets worked up about anything and in this movie he pratically throws harry in to a wall after his name comes out of the goblet. Come on now Dumbledore would never do that and he seems worried and completely on edge and thats not how hes supposed to be. That really bothered me. There was plenty of new characters in this movie that they could of made jumpy and on edge but the new director should have kept Dumbledore the same hes the rock of the books and the movies you cant have him loosing control.

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by Kira031082

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