Fresh Review

Acclaimed, but why? Fresh is the nickname of the prototypical urban street punk (Sean Nelson), who runs drugs for the local hoods when he isn't busy attending dogfights, witnessing murders, visiting his prostitute sister, or playing chess with his homeless father in the park. Presumably, we are meant to sympathize with Fresh because he's a chess player, and hence an intellectual, but when he launches his plan to turn the tables on his drug bosses, it's hard to rally behind him. Extremely disturbing and unnecessarily violent, Fresh plays like Spike Lee for Dummies.


Facts and Figures

Run time: 114 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 24th August 1994

Distributed by: Miramax

Reviews 2 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%
Fresh: 19 Rotten: 2

IMDB: 7.7 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Michael (aka Fresh), as Esteban, Samuel L. Jackson as Sam, N'Bushe Wright as Nichole, as Corky, Jean-Claude La Marre as Jake, as Lt. Perez, Luis Lantigua as Chuckie, as Chille, Cheryl Freeman as Aunt Frances, Anthony Thomas as Red, Curtis McClarin as Darryl, as Smokey, Víctor González as Herbie, as Spike, Robert Jimenez as Salvadore, Jerome Butler as James, Cortez Nance Jr. as Reggie, Anthony Ruiz as Hector, Jacinto Taras Riddick as Enriquez, Afi McClendon as Hilary, Natima Bradley as Rosie, Daiquan Smith as Tarleak, Jason Rodriguez as Nicholas, Mizan Ayers as Curtis, Zakee Howze as Mattie, Iraida Polanco as Rosa Vasquez, Davenia McFadden as Mrs. Coleman, Belinda Becker as Fiona, Danielia L. Cotton as Juana, Elsie Hilario as Aida, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Consuela, Ali A. Wahhab as Fat Freddie