Freddy Got Fingered


Freddy Got Fingered Review

(sung to the tune of Tom Green's "The Bum-Bum Song")

My bum is in the chairMy bum is in the chairLook at meI'm watching Tom Green's hair!

Tom plays Rip Torn's sonTom plays Rip Torn's sonOnce respectable? Rip, where's your career? (hee hee hee!)

Look at Tom, he's rawLook at Tom, he's rawGet a job?No, he just wants to draw!

Watch Tom go berserkWatch Tom go berserkStuff his faceOr give a horse a jerk!

An organ made of meatOr a woman he can beatThey don't make much sense, but try not to worry too much about that!A HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

They're walking out in drovesThey're running for their carsDon't look backAway from here they go!

Hi my name is TomHi my name is TomI can't tie my shoes but I can write a movie script!

Poo! Poo! (repeat)

Freddy got milk.*

* This scene not actually included in film.

Freddy Got Fingered

Facts and Figures

Run time: 87 mins

In Theaters: Friday 20th April 2001

Box Office USA: $13.7M

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Production compaines: 20th Century Fox, Regency Enterprises

Reviews 1 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 11%
Fresh: 10 Rotten: 83

IMDB: 4.5 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Gord Brody, as Jim Brody, as Betty, as Freddy Brody, as Darren, as Mr. Davidson, as Julie Brody, Jackson Davies as Mr. Malloy, as Andy Malloy, John R. Taylor as Farmer #1, Bob Osborne as Farmer #2, Fiona Hogan as Pregnant Woman, George Gordon as Doctor, as Security Guard - Studio, as Davidson's Receptionist, David Neale as Man #1 - Restaurant, as Man #2 - Restaurant, Wendy Chmelauskas as Woman - Restaurant, R. Nelson Brown as Larry / Truck Driver, Allan Gray as Waiter, Lorena Gale as Psychiatrist / Social Worker, Simon Longmore as Cop with Social Worker, Giacomo Baessato as Morose Kid, Eric Keenleyside as Foreman, as Shaquille, Rick Tae as Security Guard, as Pimply Manager, Irene Karas as Cop at Fancy Restaurant, Ted Friend as Local Field Reporter, Balinder Johal as Indian Woman #1, Kamaljeet Kler as Indian Woman #2, Ralph Wagner as Helicopter Pilot, Mike Bullard as Policeman (scenes deleted), Ralph Alderman as Locksmith, Chris Carver as Spectator, Michele Cummins as Bank Manager, as William, Stephen E. Miller as Ernie, John Rigg as Disgruntled restaurant patron, Jorge Rodriguez as Pulp Mill Worker #1, Cliff Solomon as Big Bear, as Uncle Neil, Henry O. Watson as Pulp Mill Worker #2, Tom Hallick as Anchorman, Darren Moore as Sandwich Customer