Death Tunnel


Death Tunnel Review

In all my years of reviewing films I have rarely come across a movie which is quite as blatantly nonsensical as Death Tunnel. But Death Tunnel isn't just dumb, it's wantonly so. It doesn't have any desire to make sense, really. It's a ludicrous ripoff of Saw (good God, couldn't you have done better than that?), which uses a pathetic, phony, "based on a true story" setup to try to sell itself.

Now there probably is a rundown mental hospital in Kentucky, but that's about where the truth of Death Tunnel (oh God, that title) ends. As near as I can tell -- as the film not only makes no sense, it's told in flash-forward for the bulk of the movie) -- the film begins in a bar, as the five coeds with the largest breasts are recruited (or sort-of kidnapped) to participate in a game (or some kind of torture) in the aforementioned abandoned mental institution. The girls are knocked out, bound, and their faces covered with gas masks. When they wake up, they're in the hospital with unclear goals, though we presume they're supposed to escape. A voice over the intercom intones the film's catchphrase -- "five floors, five girls, five hours" -- which is somehow the basis for the movie.

As implausible as the setup is, it actually gets worse. Girls murder each other, then take showers -- showers -- in the dank, freezing sanitorium. Hey, I'm all for the flesh, but not if I can actually feel my brain rotting into mush while I'm watching it.

Ultimately the film borrows from many movies besides Saw, the most blatant being The Shining. And, to paraphrase Jack, all atmosphere and no plot makes Death Tunnel a very dull movie.

Avoid at all costs.

Death Tunnel

Facts and Figures

Run time: 97 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 11th January 2006

Distributed by: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Reviews 1 / 5

IMDB: 2.7 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Philip Adrian Booth

Producer: Christopher Saint Booth, Shane Dax Taylor

Starring: Steffany Huckaby as Heather, Melanie Lewis as Devon, Yolanda Pecoraro as Elizabeth, as Ashley, Annie Burgstede as Tori, Jason Lasater as Richie, Gary Wolf as Gio, Robyn Corum as Leah, Gill Gayle as Professor, Brian Dyer as Dr. Vangard, Reenie Varga as Ghost Nurse, as Mason, Jesse Bernstein as Cameron, George W. Harr Jr. as Death in Sanatorium, B.J. Winslow as Death in Morgue, Joan Farrell as Traci, Laura Corum as Nurse from Past, Sarah Tilford as Lizzie the Ghost Girl, Lucy Cabrera as Lizzie in Past, Annika Klein as Little Girl in Car