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okay, so i'm not real big on these movies.. but my dad got me real into them considering that he grew up in brooklyn and could relate to these types of movies, while i've only been there when i was younger, visting my family, and i know nothing of the side of brooklyn as the movies show. also the fact his brother plays in it, chris caldovino, yeah, that'd be my uncle. from what i've see he's a pretty amazing actor, and although i think he hardly knows me, i'm proud of how much he's made out of his life and i wish him luck in the future. it tells the story of them growing up, my dad was friends with the people that the characters are based on. especially the kid with the dog, i don't remember his name but he says it was his neighbor. it helps me to understand the movie better since he can explain to me who the actors roles are supposed to be based on in reality and how he knew them growing up, and he can tell me some details the movie left out. i think it'd be pretty cool to have a movie based on your childhood and your hometown. at first i didn't like this movie but as i watched it over and over again with him and i started to love it. it is a really good movie. i don't know what you couldn't like about it. =)i wouldn't recommend to not watch it.

Posted 6 years 3 months ago by nichole

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