Bride Of Frankenstein


Bride Of Frankenstein Review

A horror mega-classic. The sequel to the original Frankenstein is both the basis for Young Frankenstein and the film around which Gods and Monsters revolves. James Whale's film comes off as original and fresh -- and despite a few draggy scenes it's genuinely thrilling and often scary, 70 years after it was made. Filled with classic moments ("She's alive! Alive!", the hair streaks in the Bride (an uncredited Elsa Lanchester), the famous meeting between the haggard monster and the blind man, and the "gods and monsters" speech), this film is fresh and still looks great, thanks to some fabulous technical work behind the scenes. Altogether it's a true achievement. Highly recommended.

Facts and Figures

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Run time: 15 mins

In Theaters: Tuesday 31st October 1978

Reviews 4.5 / 5

Cast & Crew


Producer: Carl Laemmle Jr.

Starring: as Himself, Rick Baker as Himself, Clive Barker as Himself, Christopher Bram as Himself, as Himself, Dwight David Frye as Himself, Paul M. Jensen as Himself, Sara Karloff as Himself, Scott MacQueen as Himself, Bob Madison as Himself, Gregory W. Mank as Himself