Black Point


Black Point Review

Whoa. Not only is schlock movie specialist Thomas Ian Griffith still alive and well... now he's writing.

And not just bad poetry. Movie screenplays!

Black Point is undoubtedly one of Griffith's finer outings, a tepid something about an Alaskan, alcoholic military dude (David Caruso), an abused wife (Susan Haskell) of a smuggler/thug type (Griffith), and an assinine plan for the two down-'n'-outs to fall in love, steal the thug's money, and take off.

Or, like, not.

Filled with plot twists that come out of nowhere, Black Point will definitely keep you guessing... guessing why you're watching this movie, for starters. There's a lot of strange violence, a drug lord, and countless shootings in the forest. By the end you won't know whether Haskell's character genuinely loves Caruso, but I'm sure you won't care.

Black Point

Facts and Figures

Run time: 100 mins

In Theaters: Tuesday 24th September 2002

Distributed by: Artisan Home Entertainment

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 5.4 / 10

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Starring: as John Hawkins, as Natalie Travis