Bachelor Party Vegas


Bachelor Party Vegas Review

With a title like Bachelor Party Vegas, you're at least getting truth in advertising. This is a raunchy, near-plotless, direct-to-DVD experience, heavy on debauchery, nudity, off-color language, and the like. Primarily it seems concerned with Farrelly brothers-style gross-out nekkidness: Old people, ugly people, talking about their anatomy or rubbing themselves against our hapless bachelor partygoers, who fly to Vegas for the big event.

The event starts off with bikini-babe paintball game, moves on to a well-product-placed Golden Nugget casino, and then detours to a porn set, a giant tub of spaghetti, a warehouse, jail, and more. American Pie-style antics are rampant, though Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn is the only one of the boys you're likely to have ever seen before.

Here's the bottom line: Bachelor Party Vegas aims no higher than a Girls Gone Wild! video, and it basically hits that mark. This is not high art: Lin Shaye in vinyl and Kathy Griffin as a "she-Elvis" pretty much guarantees that. But its juvenile humor is surprisingly funny. Crass, yes, but I guffawed, out loud, more than a couple of times. Even my wife had a chuckle or two. That's not to say there's much here that will appeal to a mass audience or that you ought to consider renting it for that hot date, but if it's this or Red Shoe Diaries, I'd suggest going with Vegas.

Bachelor Party Vegas

Facts and Figures

Run time: 91 mins

In Theaters: Tuesday 25th April 2006

Distributed by: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Reviews 2.5 / 5

IMDB: 4.7 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: Trent Othick

Starring: as Z-Bob, as Nathan, as Ash, as Johnny C. MacElroy, Aaron Himelstein as Eli, as Carmine/ Mr. Kidd, as The Iceman, as The Showgirl, as Cassandra, as Officer Stone, Diane Klimaszewski as Chrissy, Elaine Klimaszewski as Missy, as Big Gut Mel