Austenland Review

Fans of romantic fiction may enjoy this gimmicky comedy, which cleverly plays around with Jane Austen's fiction but kind of misses its own joke. The screenwriters seem to think they're combining sudsy fantasy with darker realism. But actually everything on screen is plainly ridiculous, only livened up by a couple of the actors.

The story starts in America, where Jane (Russell) is so obsessed with Austen's novels that she's sure Mr Darcy is coming for her any day now. So she spends her savings on a holiday at Austenland in England, where Mrs Wattlesbrook (Seymour) lets her clients live as if they're in a 19th century novel. Jane's only fellow guests are Elizabeth and Amelia (Coolidge and King), both of whom flirt shamelessly with Nobley, Andrews and East (Feild, Callis and Whittle), the actors on hand to play dashing bachelors. But Jane is more interested in sexy stable boy Martin (McKenzie).

As the script strains to layer romance and fantasy into this goofy set-up, there are a few snappy one-liners that get us laughing, thanks mainly to the expert improvisation skills of Coolidge, who can make anything funny. By contrast, Russell is annoyingly naive and sulky, while King tips the opposite way into broad farce. The men are more interesting because we occasionally get to see them as the actors they really are, but none of them are very complex, and we can guess where the story is going from the start.

The main problem is that everything is so superficial: these are all people who are trying to find love by pretending to be someone else, playing dressing up in frilly costumes. They even put on a painfully idiotic play at one point. But we never believe any of them is capable of actually falling in love with anyone other than themselves. So even if there's the odd deranged joke or witty super-nerd gag, the script misses the entire point of Austen's novels, which are about internal motivations and layered characters.


Facts and Figures

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 97 mins

In Theaters: Friday 27th September 2013

Box Office USA: $2.2M

Budget: $4.9M

Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics

Production compaines: Fickle Fish Films, Moxie Pictures

Reviews 2 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 30%
Fresh: 31 Rotten: 73

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Cast & Crew


Starring: as Jane Hayes, J. J. Feild as Mr. Henry Nobley, as Martin, as Miss Elizabeth Charming, as Colonel Andrews, as Lady Amelia Heartwright, as Mr. Wattlesbrook, as Captain East, as Mrs. Wattlesbrook, as Molly, Ruben Crow as Chad, Demetri Goritsas as Jimmy, Parker Sawyers as Alexander, Sarah Niles as Delilah, Annie Gould as Patience, Tracy Higgins as Prudence, Goldy Greaves as Constance, Bernadette Chapman as Portence, Julie Newman as Temperance, Alison Carpenter as Plain Maid, Brenda Storer as Plain Maid, Caroline Bond as Plain Maid, Hema Bedre as Plain Maid, Joanna Abbot as Plain Maid, Sandra Morgan as Plain Maid, Suzanne Downes as Plain Maid, Richard Reid as Nigel, Austin Wilks as Harry, Alan Calton as Barnaby, Tom Whitecross as Angus, Jadran Malkovich as Rupert, Gideon Jensen as Roger, Andrew Samuels as Hot Servant, Dino Georgiades as Hot Servant, Erica Elmer as Hot Servant, Fabian Bourgoin Heskia as Hot Servant, Gunalp Kocak as Hot Servant, Lee Craven as Hot Servant, Mazlum Kortas as Hot Servant, Ryan Bohan as Hot Servant, Samantha-Jane Hunt as Hot Servant, Yiannis Morgan as Hot Servant, Jonathan Whittaker as Sideburn Guy