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I love watching logan lerman in this move it made him super hott!!

Posted 7 years 1 month ago by Bree

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The reviewer is correct - the climax is hollow and preposterous and for many (including the reviewer) ultimately undermines the overall merit of the film. I suspect the producers and director intended to produce a farce. They certainly have done so. When viewed as a film in that genre, it is immensely enjoyable. I enjoyed immensely. Pukuboynz

Posted 7 years 1 month ago by pukuboynz

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This review is totally biased!Watch it, enjoy it! I certainly will.Don't listen to this 'reviewer' jargon. He clearly needed to fill up some space in his report. I won't base my opinion on this wish washy review (that really tells us nothing about the film) and neither should you!

Posted 7 years 8 months ago by Jeebs

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