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The End Of The Tour - Trailer

Sometimes, the biggest life lessons are the ones learned by other people. For someone desperate to earn the fame and recognition they rightly deserve, it can serve as an important revelation to see an ordinary person have fame thrust upon...

The End Of The Tour - Trailer

Sometimes, the biggest life lessons are the ones learned by other people. For someone desperate to earn the fame and recognition they rightly deserve, it can serve as an important revelation to see an ordinary person have fame thrust upon...

Posted on 27 May 2015

Jason Segel Jesse Eisenberg Anna Chlumsky Mamie Gummer Joan Cusack Ron Livingston

Listen Up Philip - Trailer

Philip Lewis Friedman is a very successful writer, though not the most likeable of people. He has no shame in bragging and expressing his genius, but his persistent self-involvement starts to put quite a strain on his relationship with girlfriend...

Posted on 27 May 2015

Jason Schwartzman Jonathan Pryce Elisabeth Moss Krysten Ritter Josephine De La Baume Jess Weixler

Jurassic World - Motorcycle and Stunt Featurettes

Years after the horrific failure of John Hammond's Jurassic Park project, and him later taking the blame for the "incident" in San Diego, InGen has continued its research into the genetic creation of prehistoric creatures. InGen has succeeded in many...

Posted on 26 May 2015

Chris Pratt

Insidious: Chapter 3 - Trailer

A year and a half ago, a young girl lost her mother. She misses her every day, and continues to relate the stories of her life to her mother, hoping that she can still be heard. The problem is, if...

Posted on 26 May 2015

Dermot Mulroney Stefanie Scott Angus Sampson Leigh Whannell Lin Shaye Hayley Kiyoko

Cooties - Trailer

Everyone knows fourth grade school children can be little monsters, but what happens when things get way too literal? That's what a bunch of unwitting teachers are about to discover on a seemingly normal working day. Clint Hadson is a...

Posted on 22 May 2015

Elijah Wood Rainn Wilson Alison Pill Jorge Garcia Jack McBrayer Morgan Lily

Clouds Of Sils Maria - Trailer

Maria Enders is an ageing actress whose best known role was that of Sigrid in the 20 year old play 'Maloja Snake'. The play centres on the relationship between two women - the young and manipulative Sigrid and her older...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Kristen Stewart Juliette Binoche Chloe Moretz Johnny Flynn Angela Winkler Hanns Zischler

Absolutely Anything - Trailer

If you could change absolutely anything in the world, what would it be? This is the ultimate question that Neil Clarke finds himself faced with when he wakes up with the ability to become whoever he wants to be, have...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Simon Pegg Kate Beckinsale Robin Williams Terry Gilliam Rob Riggle John Cleese

The Transporter Refuelled - Trailer

Frank Martin is well known in the criminal underworld as an expert driver and deliveryman. He has been working with some of the world's most serious crooks, delivering goods and occasionally getting involved in hostage situations for a very high...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Ed Skrein Loan Chabanol Ray Stevenson Lenn Kudrjawizki Anatole Taubman Gabriella Wright

Tomorrowland Movie Review

Big summer blockbusters are so rarely optimistic that it's tricky to know how to take this movie, its utopian view of the future is a refreshing antidote to both dystopic-nightmare thrillers and those blood-boiling, doom-and-gloom documentaries about how the end...

By Rich Cline on 21 May 2015

George Clooney Britt Robertson Hugh Laurie Tim Mcgraw Kathryn Hahn Keegan-Michael Key

The Beat Beneath My Feet - Trailer

Tom dreams of success as an international rockstar, but in reality, he's far from becoming that. He's a bespectacled teenager who lives with his single mum, is regularly teased and thus gets into fights. Soon though, he has a stroke...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Luke Perry Lisa Dillon John Williams

Kajaki - Trailer

In 2006, 3 soldiers from the British Army's 3rd Battalion set out across the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan during a patrol, but they are blindsided when one of their team accidentally steps on an unmarked landmine and loses his leg....

Posted on 21 May 2015

David Elliot

Pixels - Extended Trailer

Back in the eighties, NASA sent a time capsule up into space to connect with possible life forces on other planets. But when neighbouring aliens discover a feed of classic arcade games such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Adam Sandler Peter Dinklage Josh Gad Michelle Monaghan Sean Bean Ashley Benson

Amy - Trailer

Monumentally loved by all who met her, Amy Winehouse quickly rose to fame with her quirky image and extraordinary vocal style. But this was a woman who fell in love easily, and fell hard. A woman not equipped to deal...

Posted on 21 May 2015

Amy Winehouse

Poltergeist Movie Review

Ignoring everything that made the 1982 ghost-horror classic so iconic, this remake merely feels like yet another Insidious movie, using the same bag of tricks to try to frighten the audience. It's very well made, and the story still sends...

By Rich Cline on 21 May 2015

Sam Raimi Nathan Kahane David Lindsay-Abaire

Return to Sender Movie Review

This intriguing drama takes on some darkly resonant themes with such an oddly bright and cheerful tone that it forces the audience to pay attention. As it continues, the terrific Rosamund Pike uses conflicting emotions to explore the aftermath of...

By Rich Cline on 21 May 2015

Rosamund Pike Nick Nolte Shiloh Fernandez Camryn Manheim Illeana Douglas Rumer Willis

The Burning - Trailer

A handsome yet enigmatic shaman from the Amazon rainforest named Kai swims down the river on a whim to come across a beautiful young woman named Vania. Since her tobacco farmer father was murdered after refusing to give up his...

Posted on 20 May 2015

Gael Garcia Bernal Alice Braga

Pan - Trailer

Peter was sent to an orphanage as a young boy with nothing but a small metal pan pendant left to him by his mother, who predicted great things for her son. Indeed, he goes on to experience the most exciting...

Posted on 20 May 2015

Levi Miller Cara Delevingne Hugh Jackman Rooney Mara Amanda Seyfried Garrett Hedlund

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - Teaser Trailer

Following their supposed escape from the monster infested maze, the surviving Gladers led by Thomas are taken to an underground facility in the wake of a devastating solar flare known as The Scorch that has left the vast majority of...

Posted on 20 May 2015

Dylan O'Brien Nathalie Emmanuel Katherine McNamara Thomas Sangster Aidan Gillen Kaya Scodelario

We Are Your Friends - Teaser Trailer

Fresh out of college, 23-year-old Cole Carter and his friends Mason, Ollie and Squirrel are determined to make something of their futures, with young people being faced with more and more career opportunities than ever before. Cole wants to become...

Posted on 20 May 2015

Zac Efron Wes Bentley Shiloh Fernandez Jonny Weston Emily Ratajkowski Jon Bernthal

Earl and the Dying Girl - Trailer

High school can be the worst time for some people, and for Greg Gaines (Thomas Mann), it turned out to be especially horrible. His parents inform him that his classmate, Rachel Kushner (Olivia Cooke), has been diagnosed with leukemia. The...

Posted on 20 May 2015

Thomas Mann Olivia Cooke Bobb'e J. Thompson Connie Britton Nick Offerman Jon Bernthal

Age Of Kill - Trailer

During a foreign affairs mission, a specialist black ops team makes the wrong choice. Sam Blake (Martin Kemp) is ordered to kill their target in the streets, leading to a massive media backlash and the disbanding of his team. Back...

Posted on 19 May 2015

Martin Kemp Philip Davis Patrick Bergin April Pearson Bruce Payne Lucy Pinder

American Heist - Trailer

Years ago, two brothers lived on the wrong side of the law. When James (Hayden Christensen) was set to go to jail, his brother Frankie (Adrien Brody) took the fall instead. Now, James has turned his life around and is...

Posted on 19 May 2015

Hayden Christensen Adrien Brody Tory Kittles Akon Jordana Brewster Laura Cayouette

Carol - Clips

It's 1952 and 20-something Therese Belivet is struggling to contend with her humdrum life working in a New York department store, repulsed by her relationship with a man named Richard and dreaming of a career in set design. Soon she...

Posted on 18 May 2015

Cate Blanchett Rooney Mara Kyle Chandler Sarah Paulson Jake Lacy John Magaro

Steve Jobs - First Look Trailer

Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur from the day of his birth and became one of the biggest technology pioneers the world has ever seen. Without any prior knowledge of programming, engineering or, indeed, any technical/computing experience of any kind, he...

Posted on 18 May 2015

Michael Fassbender Kate Winslet Seth Rogen Jeff Daniels Katherine Waterston Michael Stuhlbarg

Minions - Trailer

Since the dawn of time, the Minions have been desperately looking for a master. From dinosaurs, to cave men, to Dracula, to Napoleon, the Minions have sought out the biggest and best of masters from around the world. The trouble...

Posted on 15 May 2015

Pierre Coffin Sandra Bullock Jon Hamm Michael Keaton Allison Janney Jennifer Saunders

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

Leave it to a veteran to show the young sparks how to do it: it's been 30 years since George Miller last visited his post-apocalyptic hero Max Rockatansky, and now he's back with the best-staged action thriller of the year,...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

Tom Hardy Charlize Theron Nicholas Hoult Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Zoe Kravitz Riley Keough

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

In 2012, Pitch Perfect came out of nowhere to become one of the most-loved comedies in recent memory, and the good news is that this sequel matches it with both spiky humour and buoyant music. It would be impossible recreate...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

Anna Kendrick Rebel Wilson Brittany Snow Hailee Steinfeld Skylar Astin Adam DeVine

The Intern - Trailer

Ben Whittaker is a 70-year-old retiree who has little left in his life to keep him occupied, now that his wife has passed away. He's keen to re-start and take on new job and discovers a vacant position for a...

Posted on 14 May 2015

Robert De Niro Anne Hathaway Nat Wolff Adam DeVine Rene Russo Reid Scott

Crimson Peak - Extended Trailer

Edith Cushing is an aspiring writer of horror, who soon becomes plagued by shadows of the past following a tragic occurrence within her family. She meets the handsome and mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe who is impressed with her work and...

Posted on 14 May 2015

Tom Hiddleston Mia Wasikowska Jessica Chastain Charlie Hunnam Guillermo Del Toro

The Tribe Movie Review

Boldly full-on about sex and violence, as well as its underlying themes, this Ukrainian drama refuses to let the audience off lightly, challenging viewers to take an uncomfortable journey deep into the mind of a frustrated teen. It's also a...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

A Royal Night Out Movie Review

Although it takes a breezy, sometimes silly approach to a fragment of a true story, this British period film has enough charm to keep audiences entertained, thanks to its lively cast and ambitious recreation of historical events. Director Julian Jarrold...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

Sarah Gadon Jack Reynor Rupert Everett Emily Watson Roger Allam Ruth Sheen

Clouds of Sils Maria Movie Review

An intriguing Chinese box of a movie, this slightly too-clever drama unpicks the layers of identity that are concealed behind the image of a celebrity. It's so knowing that it can't help but find revelatory meaning here and there, and...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

Juliette Binoche Kristen Stewart Chloe Moretz Johnny Flynn Brady Corbet Angela Winkler

Lambert & Stamp Movie Review

There's a cool 1960s beat to this documentary, which explores the creation of The Who through the eyes of the two men who made them stars, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Filmmaker James D. Cooper deploys an astonishing collection of...

By Rich Cline on 14 May 2015

Pete Townshend Roger Daltrey Terence Stamp

Jem And The Holograms - Trailer

Jerrica Benton lives an uneventful life with her sister Kimber, Aunt Bailey and her foster daughters - but all that's about to change. Jerrica has a secret talent for music, and Kimber doesn't want her to keep it to herself....

Posted on 13 May 2015

Stefanie Scott Juliette Lewis Ryan Guzman Molly Ringwald Hayley Kiyoko Nicholas Braun

3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets - Trailer

One of the worst examples of race discrimination America has ever seen, the shooting of black 17-year-old on November 23rd 2012 shook the nation. When Jordan Davis and his three friends drove in to a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida...

Posted on 13 May 2015

I Believe In Unicorns - Trailer

Sometimes, the fantasy world is more appealing than reality. For Davina (Natalia Dyer), this is certainly the case, as she often finds herself falling into a world of make-believe to escape into her childhood. In reality, caring for her disabled...

Posted on 12 May 2015

Natalia Dyer Julia Garner Amy Seimetz

Irrational Man - Trailer

In a small town at the college campus, a normal man is having a terrible time. Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) is the philosophy professor, but he's having a full existential crisis. To Abe, nothing is meaningful and he fails to...

Posted on 12 May 2015

Joaquin Phoenix Emma Stone Parker Posey Jamie Blackley Meredith Hagner Ethan Phillips

Return To Sender - Trailer

A young nurse training to work in surgery is encouraged to go on a blind date with her friend's single male friend Kevin. However, he doesn't seem at all how he was described when he shows up on her doorstep....

Posted on 11 May 2015

Rosamund Pike Shiloh Fernandez Rumer Willis Scout Taylor-Compton Nick Nolte Camryn Manheim

Ricki And The Flash - Teaser Trailer

Ricki Rendazzo is a veteran rockstar as part of her band Ricki And The Flash. She's adored by so many people in the world apart from the people who matter the most; her family. While on tour (as usual) she...

Posted on 08 May 2015

Meryl Streep Kevin Kline Mamie Gummer Audra McDonald Sebastian Stan Charlotte Rae

Vacation - Red Band Teaser Trailer

WARNING THIS IS THE RED BAND TRAILER.The Griswolds return to Walley World - only this time, the family is led by young Rusty Griswold and his wife and kids. The grown up Rusty is determined to pull his family together...

Posted on 08 May 2015

Ed Helms Christina Applegate Chevy Chase Beverly D'Angelo Leslie Mann Chris Hemsworth


Sci-fi Writer Tanith Lee Dies

The author passed away on Sunday (24May15). No more details about her death were available as WENN went...

The Shining Cast And Crew Reunite For 35th Anniversary

The reunion was held at the iconic Elstree Studios in England, where most of Stanley Kubrick's movie was...