Review of Man vs. Monster Album by Fighting With Wire

Fighting With Wire
Man vs. Monster
Album Review

Fighting With Wire Man vs. Monster Album

Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, this trio formed in 2003 and are now releasing their debut album. Currently embarking on a UK tour, they've recently received television promotion and have previously played with the likes of Reuben and InMe.

Sitting quite comfortably on the shelf marked 'alternative rock', it comes as no surprise upon hearing "Cut The Transmission" that Fighting With Wire supported Biffy Clyro. Frantic chords power a relentless number that sees Cahir O'Doherty sounding not unlike the Glasgow bands' vocalist. The energetic "Everyone Needs A Nemesis" also stands out and is understandably being featured on satellite television, but from here in the trio lack inspiration. The conclusion to "Long Distance" is wonderfully melodic and deserves a better build up, while "Sugar" features a good combination of scything guitars and groovy bass, all wrapped up with an anthemic chorus. However the remaining offerings tend to blend into one another, lacking attention-grabbing hooks or stand out performances. There's certainly potential in the band, but they currently lack consistency.

Alex Lai

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