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Ferraby Lionheart
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Ferraby Lionheart Ferraby Lionheart EP

With a Full-length album out this summer, the Los Angeles born singer-songwriter Ferraby Lionheart has thrown down the gauntlet with his self-titled EP.

This six track release was recorded at home, though judging by the solid production you wouldn't have guessed it. Ferraby Lionheart conjures up the similar kind of quality indie Americana expected from the likes of Ben Folds & perhaps even Rufus Wainwright.

Even though this EP begins with slow paced piano-led pop numbers in 'Tickets To Crickets', 'Won't Be Long' & 'The Fighter', Ferraby also proves he can pick up the mood if required with songs such as the up-tempo 'A Crack In Time' and the extremely radio-friendly 'The Ballad Of Gus And Sam' and the EP comes to a fitting finale with a beautifully melancholic acoustic solo effort in 'Something To Love'.

Though this release never displays anything we haven't heard before, the strong song-writing, warm instrumentation and loveable crooning vocals must be admired. There is nothing too obtrusive here, everything is left to the listener & though it might take a few listens to really hit home, Ferraby Lionhearts self-titled EP is a real winner.

Colin Burrill

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