Ferne McCann has firmly denied reports that emerged this week that claimed she had secretly been visiting her former boyfriend, Arthur Collins, in prison on multiple occasions with their baby daughter – despite having told Collins he would never see either of them again.

The former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star, 27, released a statement on Thursday (January 18th) that re-iterated that she had only visited Collins behind bars once with their newborn daughter, after it had been reported the previous day that Collins’ legal team said that she had done so on several occasions.

“In response to today’s false press story about me. I am posting this so it cannot be misquoted and sets the record straight. There’s a constant slew of false stories written about me,” the statement from McCann read on Twitter.

Ferne McCannFerne McCann has denied reports she's been visiting Arthur Collins in prison

“The story today says that I have been visiting Sunday’s father in prison. As I have already made clear I visited him once and I have not been to see him since. I have repeatedly made clear that I have not been back to see him in response to the press asking me but this has been ignored.”

Collins is currently serving a 20 year jail sentence for a savage acid attack in East London nightclub Mangle over the Easter weekend last year, in which 16 people were left with serious chemical burns and three people temporarily blinded.

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He was handed an additional eight months to be added to his sentence earlier this week for smuggling a mobile phone into prison with which to call McCann.

During those court proceedings, Collins’ barrister Rebecca Randall was mis-reported as having said that McCann had visited her client behind bars – even though she told the world that the initial visit in November would be the last.

“Unfortunately, my comments were misreported yesterday. I said that his daughter has visited him with HIS mother and sister. I didn’t say ‘it’s’ mother,” Randall told the Daily Mirror yesterday after the erroneous reports emerged.

McCann’s own statement concluded: “Again and for absolute clarity, I do not in any way condone the actions that took place in Mangle in April 2017. Nobody should be faced with violence on a night out and the victims have my fullest sympathy. Respectfully, Ferne.”

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