Fergie credits cooking with her husband for their successful marriage.

The Black Eye Peas star is enjoying the group's current hiatus because she gets to spend more time with Josh Duhamel - who she married in 2009 after five years of dating - and says they always enjoy being together.

Asked why their relationship is successful, Fergie said: ''We like each other, we like hanging out together, we have fun.

''We have fun in the kitchen cooking and singing silly songs, not to give too much away, not going any further than that, but we have a good time together, and it's nice to get to have that quality time. We enjoy it.''

The 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmaker wants to have children with Josh but insists they are not ready to start a family just yet.

She told MTV News: ''It's not happening yet, I can tell you that definitely. But we want to have a family, so that is in the cards, but it's just not this second.''

As well as cooking and singing with Josh, Fergie enjoys visiting him at work - particularly since he has changed his appearance for his latest movie.

She said: ''I got to go to his set for his movie that he's been filming, where he has the mohawk, 'Scenic Route'. So I'm very thankful for that film, for giving him a mohawk, because I'm quite enjoying it right now.''