Review of The Singles Album by Feeder


The Singles

Whatever the strengths of Feeder albums, there is little doubt that their brand of anthemic rock works particularly well on 4 or 5 songs per album. Those 4 or 5 songs, however, are a match for any band. Here, those songs are collected, along with 3 new songs, to great effect. This is a 20 song album where no skips are required - one inventive sweeping rock song follows another. You can hear the band's evolution during over the course of the album, with more layers of emotional depth added to the newer songs - the older songs, like Buck Rogers ('He's got a brand new car...') still work really well. If you buy the limited edition, the DVD includes videos of all the songs. If you have never bought Feeder before, this is an essential disc. If you have, you already know how great this will be. Britain's best rock band?


Mike Rea

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