Review of Come Back Around Single Single by Feeder

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Come Back Around - Reviewed


Come Back Around

The Echo Label LTD

30th September

Feeder made an enormous impact on the UK charts with their last album Echo Park but in fact they have been around for years.

Many Feeder fans who knew of them before the release of Echo Park didn't really enjoy the new sound and thought it was too commercial.

So lets hope their new album Comfort in Sound makes for a happy medium.

Come Back Around is taken off Comfort In Sound and will be the first single from the 4th album which is due for release on 21st of October, it has also been said that this album is their best to date.

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Come Back Around seems to be founded on a total eclectic mixture of sounds, most definitely a rock song we would expect nothing less from Grant & Taka, sometimes it heralds a raw Foo Fighters sound and if this track is anything to judge the album by Feeder will be onto another winner.

After the shocking suicide of Jon Lee the bands former Drummer, the band went through some dispute as to whether they ought to carry on and decided they had come too far not to continue, Mark Richardson ex Skunk Anansie played the drums on all the tracks for Comfort In Sound

Feeder are not going to perform any more gigs during 2002 and if you were lucky enough to catch them at the carling weekend or Glasgow gig on the green they had Mark playing drums with them then.