Fearne Cotton is pregnant, the former kids TV presenter finally announced that she is now going through her first pregnancy after much media speculation had got us all wondering.

The BBC Radio 1 presenter officially confirmed the news over Twitter where she tweeted a link to her website with the sentence, 'Jesse and I have some news!!!!!'. The site offered a short statement which was enough to thrill her followers who couldn't have reacted more positively. 'Jesse and I are very happy to announce we are having a baby', she wrote. 'We are over the moon, morning sickness aside (me, not Jess) and looking forward to the little Cotton Woods arrival.'

The father is her boyfriend of over a year Jesse Wood, son of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and also a musician himself. This will be his third child, having already had two in his previous marriage to Tilly Wood. He and his 30-year-old girlfriend were seen sharing a loving kiss as he dropped her off outside the Radio 1 studios in London; she did nothing to hide her delight as she grinned from ear to ear.

We're so glad that Miss Cotton is finally in a happy relationship despite her partner sharing the same name as her ex-fiancé of three years, Jesse Jenkins. She and the Californian skater had a turbulent relationship that didn't take her long to put behind her as she got together with Wood only two months after the split. She told the Daily Mail in May that she was 'miserable' but now she's with Wood, she's 'content for the first time ever'.

Even her best friend and 'Celebrity Juice' co-host Holly Willoughby seems delighted by Fearne's new found contentment. 'She's actually really happy for me', said Cotton. 'In fact, I don't think she's ever been so pleased for me.' She's not the only one either; Jesse introduced Fearne to his dad when they attended a show at the Cornbury Festival and he seems equally happy with his son's choice. 'Fearne's a beautiful girl', he gushed. 'They're lovely together. I very much approve.' He added that he thought she was 'rock 'n' roll' and speculated on whether or not she'll become his daughter-in-law in the near future.

As well as some bad relationships on the part of Cotton, Jesse has had his own share of life's difficulties. Ronnie admitted last year that his son was following in his footsteps and going into rehab to get treatment for his addictions. He himself struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and is now clean having also gone through rehab. He revealed: 'We're helping each other out.'