Fear Of Men Announce Release Of 'Loom' On April 21st 2014

Fear Of Men Announce Release Of 'Loom' On April 21st 2014

Fear of Men today announce the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album Loom on April 21 in the UK (April 22 in US) via Kanine Records in digital, CD and vinyl formats. A limited, deluxe two-colored vinyl edition will be available for Record Store Day 2014. They today premiere the album's opening salvo of Alta / Waterfall.

The 11-track self-produced album was recorded underground, often through the night, helping create a dense record shrouded in claustrophobia. The title alludes to both the interweaving textures that run throughout the record and the darkness that hangs over its songs. Rather than simply marrying a handful of influences, Fear of Men design their music from an uncomfortably personal place. Jessica Weiss (guitar & vocals) broadcasts crippling disconnection, boredom and sexual dread with all the dour verve of a young Morrissey. The band - also comprising Daniel Falvey (guitar) and Michael Miles (drums, keys) - flit between dire philosophical observations and listless melancholia, riding melodies so carefree that anguished sentiments come off more like lazy sighs.

Fear of Men was born when Weiss' ambient short film soundtracks caught the attention of Falvey at an exhibition of her work, and the two arts students began swapping mixtapes. Named after a rare anxiety disorder Weiss came across when researching mental illness, Fear of Men became a fitting name for the project, which would be used to explore lyrical themes such as mortality anxiety (what men fear), introversion, and loneliness. Unafraid to mix pop sensibilities and cold sonic atmospheres with literary influences (Anais Nin, Walter Benjamin, John Donne, Phillip Larkin and Freud to name but a few), the band's early home demos began circulating online, and as demo tapes and 7-inches on various DIY labels, before later being compiled by Kanine for the acclaimed Early Fragments collection, named one of the Best EPs of 2013 by NME.

Loom is released on April 21 (UK) / April 22 (US) via Kanine

Listen to 'Alta' / 'Waterfall' here: