British DJ Fatboy Slim was almost killed at the WOODSTOCK '99 festival, when his dressing room was burnt down by rioting concert-goers.

The RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW star was playing at the New York state event when things got so out of control he decided to make a hasty exit.

Slim - real name NORMAN COOK - says, "Now Woodstock '99 was mad. We were playing in this aircraft hanger after Aerosmith and somebody drove a van through the crowd.

"Everyone was dancing on the roof until the suspension went, and the promoter said I had to cut the music because people were going to die if the van toppled over.

"I told him, 'I'm playing to 40,000 people, I'm not f**king stopping.' And then they unplugged me. That's when it got out of hand.

"People were scrapping, climbing walls and driving vans through the crowd. I literally ran through the crowd, got in the car and straight on the plane.

"When I got home, I turned on the news and saw a report on the riot. The first thing I saw was my dressing room on fire. F**king hell, I nearly died. We got out of there just in time."

06/12/2004 13:52