Superstar DJ Fatboy Slim suffered a string of small electrical shocks wowing a 20,000-strong crowd in Brighton, England on New Year's Day (01JAN07). The Big Beach Boutique 3 gig wasn't the first time the PRAISE YOU hitmaker, real name NORMAN COOK, has held a bash in his home town, but he feared appalling weather conditions would drive away his fans this year. Despite the rain giving him several electric shocks from his equipment during the evening, Cook is delighted the event was a success. He says, "I love the people of Brighton - they stood there and took everything the elements could chuck at them and still partied on. "(It was) cold, wet, dangerous but it went really well." Cook's last gig in Brighton in July 2002 attracted 250,000 revellers, overwhelming organisers and the police and bringing chaos to the city.