Review of Hypnosis Single by Fat Records

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7. Psychotropic Hypnosis (12" - Fat Records)
"Chew The Fat", Paul Arnolds Brixton breakbeat night has been running for over four years now. So a record label run by a man such as he, should be more than able to deliver tunes of a certain calibre for the dancefloor.
"Hypnosis", Fats second 12 doesnt disappoint. A reworking of the classic hardcore rave tune is first up, as DJ/producer Lee Combes (Fingerlickin) and the Drumattic Twins create a sympathetic but up to date reworking loosing none of the originals drive but making breakbeat the main master of ceremonies.
DJ Crow pleases the house fans out there, with his minimal version.
This is going to be huge.