Vivid Entertainment and porn mogul Steve Hirsch has stumped up somewhere in the region of $14,000 a minute for Farrah Abraham's sex-tape. The Teen Mom star had shopped the video around after it was reported to exist by (despite her early denials). It stars professional porn star James Deen, though it remains unclear whether the MTV star is in a relationship with the actor or whether she planned to make money from the tape.

"I'm happy to confirm that we have purchased it," Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch said in a statement Monday. "We went after this movie as vigorously as any sex tape we've ever pursued. We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah's popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing." Abraham has reportedly bagged close to $1 million for the sale of the tape, which will get a full release later this year, under the title Farah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. "Farrah's looks remind me of a young Kim Kardashian," Hirsch added "and we all know how her story turned out."

In other news, Abraham has entered a plea of "not guilty" to three drunk-driving related charges in Nebraska, aggravate DUI, refusal to take a field test and disorderly conduct. Her trial is set for May 31, 2013.

Could Farrah Abraham be the latest global superstar to emerge via the sex-tape route to fame? We think not.

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham At The VMA Pre-Party in Los Angeles