The case of “teen mom” Farrah Abraham’s alleged sex tape continues.

Of course, nobody was expecting anything else at this point. After initially denying the existence of the tape she made with porn actor James Deen. Now, a lawyer for Abraham has moved to block the release of the film she made with Vivid Entertainment. The lawyer has reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Vivid boss Steve Hitch, according to TMZ. The letter states, "Ms. Abraham retains ownership rights in this video and any unlawful conduct could infringe on those rights."

This is obviously a bid to stop the recording from getting released, but the obvious question here is, if Abraham didn’t want the tape sold, why did she make it with a professional adult entertainment distributor? According to the TMZ report, the problem isn’t that the sex tape could get released, it’s that it could get released without Abraham getting paid the millions she was expecting.

Farrah Abraham, VMA Pre-Party
Nothing is certain about Abraham's sex tape yet, but you can take a guess. 

Interestingly enough (not really, because everyone already knew what to expect) the cease and desist letter is also the first time Abraham has acknowledged the tape was hers in writing. At this point the future of the tape and of Farrah’s career in the adult industry is uncertain, but there’s probably a high chance of the recording going very public very soon.