A new war is brewing between rival Bob Marley associates AL ANDERSON and ASTON 'Family Man' BARRETT after the former called his longtime rival a "retard" in a recent interview.

Anderson, who fronts tribute band The Original Wailers, fired off at Barrett in an interview promoting upcoming shows in New Zealand after the longtime The Wailers star criticised him for using Bob Marley's group name to sell tickets.

Anderson, whose band consists of reggae stars who performed and recorded with Marley - but were never officially members of The Wailers, stated, "Family Man is a total let down to the whole reggae world. He is so retarded in his whole world. There is nothing wrong with being retarded if that is the way you are born, but if you let success, fame and money retard you, well then you have a serious problem.

"That guy is someone I worked with for so many years and Bob Marley decided to pass everything over to him to represent the golden 30 years of what Marley stood for. He passed it to the wrong guy."

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