Fall Out Boy Give Out the Leeds Festival Love and Talk About Their Latest Sound

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Since their brief hiatus, Fall Out Boy have emerged as strong as they ever were. Returning to their beloved Leeds Festival, bassist Pete Wentz and his band mates talked about what the festival means to them – despite the awful wheather – and what it was like to come back from their individual projects and reboot the band.

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“We’re very excited to be back at Leeds,” explained Wentz ahead of their performance. “It’s fun for us to play; we’ve come here so many different times – we’re just excited to be back." And they had reason to be, their set went down a storm at the legendary Yorkshire music fest, proving that the good old U.K will always have a place in their heart for a spot of Fall Out Boy.

The band made quite a statement when they returned from their break, entitling their album Save Rock and Roll. This bold move paid off; they gleaned positive reviews from a slew of critics, culminating in a 75/100 aggregate score on Metacritic. That represents a remarkable level of consistency, as their previous two efforts achieved similar scores.

Especially impressive was the fact it came after the separate band members tried their own thing for a while, much to the dismay of their loyal fans. Coming back and working together wasn’t without its hardships, but collectively they overcame any tension to put out a solid record. “I think good art comes with tension,” Wentz explained.

“Any songs we've done that have like really mattered to us and mattered to anyone else have come as a product of some of that tension.” Talking about the collaborations on the album, Wentz revealed, “My favourite song is 'Just One Yesterday'; that's the one we did with Foxes which was a lot of fun.”

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